Hey guys, do you know any good sites that have some backing tracks up for download(preferably mp3s) that i could do some improv off of?

Anything and everything is good, all kinds of metal, rock, industrial, blues, anything really.

Guitarbt.com or sum
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Google it, thats why i did, got quite a few good sites

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^Thanks for the great google idea

Seriously though, all I got from google is stuff that either costs money, not what im looking for, files that i cant download, or really really bad tracks.
i dont know if this is illegal or not

but why dont you go to bittorrent and download the frets on fire gh3 add on........

and get a demo version of soundforge or audacity

when you set all that up, combine all the parts with the exception of the guitar track and there you have it...................a quality backing track