Alright, so I've tried a quite a few things, positioning pedals and stuff, but I still get an ungodly noise when I stop playing on my JSX's distortion channel. It's just as loud as my signal when i AM playing.
On clean, it's barely noticeable, but it's still there...

There's my pedalboard. I swore I wouldn't get into rack equipment or any digital multieffects, so my rig is pretty much
Digitech Whammy
Morley Mark Tremonti Wah
Boss Noise Suppresor
Big Muff
Tuner (FX LOOP)
Chorus (FX LOOP)
Flanger (FX LOOP)
Delay. (FX LOOP)

The bottom row on my pedal board goes straight into my amp, the top row is my FX loop.

I'm treating the Big Muff more like another part of my preamp (another channel, etc.) instead of as just another pedal, hence my reasoning for putting it AFTER the suppressor. I'm not going to put the suppressor in my FX loop - I don't always leave my Loop on, so that would be pointless for me.

My FX loop adds a little bit more noise, but not a whole lot, I figure it's normal, so I'm mainly worried about the ungodly noise coming from everything BEFORE the amp.

I'm thinking this might be electrical noise, so here's a picture of my pedalboard's Power Strip. (this is a homemade board, btw)

One 1Spot runs the pedals BEFORE the amp, another runs the pedals in my FX loop, and the middle adaptor is the AC adaptor for my Whammy Pedal.

Just wondering maybe if just by looking at the pictures anyone can tell if maybe I'm doing something wrong? I was thinking of looking into some kind of power conditioner to just go ahead and plug everything into...

ALSO, all my cables are of pretty good quality, I've tested them ALL by themselves straight into the amp, and they all work fine. And all my pedals are linked by high quality DiMarzio 6 inch cables.

Any help/advice/anything would be greatly appreciated!!!
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just to be sure, you do not get this noise on the dist channel i you plug straight in? if not, just try the pedals in front of the amp one at a time.
Have you tried pulling your pedals out of the signal chain one at a time? How about sticking the noise suppressor at the end of the effects loop and slowly working it back toward where it's at one position at a time.

As far as I can tell, the immediate red flag that I see is putting the suppressor before the Fuzz.
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Nope, i don't get the noise when I plug straight in. The JSX is a really quiet amp even on hi-gain.

I don't have the cables I'd need to use the Return and send on the NS-2, although I will try that soon, I just can't RIGHT this moment. I'd have to seriously jack up my pedal placing to do that though LOL

I WILL NOT put the NS2 in my FX loop because my loop isn't always on, it's footswitchable and I only use it when I need it.

and I put the suppresor before the fuzz because when I stop playing, the Big Muff still gives me noise and crap, so I put it there to so all I get when I stop is a light noise so I don't have to turn my Muff on and off then on and off again... I only use it on my clean channel anyways.
ESP EC-400 AT Goldtop
Fender 62 Jazzmaster
Fender Mexican HSS Strat
Fender 60's Reissue Strat
Peavey JSX Halfstack

**Member #10 of the PEAVEY IS AMAZING club!**