I'm can't wait to get rid of my crappy Spider II, and I was looking at the Vox XL series, the AD15VTXL and the AD30VTXL.

My 120 watt is too big for my house right. Mom's always screaming at me to turn it down. I was also looking at the Roland Cube series too. Now, I usually play metal, but I like to venture into punk and hard rock(Chevelle mostly)too. I know the Cube series is great from all the reviews I've been reading, but the XL's are made especially for metal. I play a Ibanez GSA60(I know, i know.)and I really don't use any pedals(although I'll occasionally use my Digitech RPA300).

So any advice or alternatives will be much appreciated!
for rock and metal most people would recommend the cube. most of the UGians regard the Vox XL as a bit of a flop. having only tried the previous Vox AD series, i was quite impressed and found it had satisfactory gain for the kind of metal i play.
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Actually, the XL's are a downgrade compaired to the Spiders. The regular Vox AD is much better and the Roland Cubes better for metal.
Ok, thanks for the input. I'm looking at the Cube 30. Is that a good amp for the price?
It's a great amp for the price. I'd still recommend trying one out before putting you money down though. Make sure it meets your expectations.