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yea the v-drums board are all going crazy over it, im still saving up for it myself along witha new PC...

The sounds are amazing and they really made it easy to work with v-drums.

lulz i confess i got it off demonoid lol. Took like 10 days to download but worth it. I dont know how to transfer it to my roland kit..can i do it straight through the roland module or do i need another thing like everyone seems to have alesis I/O boxes whatever they are.
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you dont transfer it to any module, it stays on the computer and you trigger it with the module using MIDI

Module MIDI out - MIDI interface in on computer

More info on setup and such in my v-drums post:

so i can go

pc w/sup drummer 2.0 > firewire and USB midi interface > midi cable > roland td3 module?
sure just take the "IN" printer on the MIDI cable and plug that into the "MIDI OUT" on the module.

OUT - IN should feed signals down into the software.
You will only need to set a setting on your software telling it that you are using channel 1 on whatever interface.

After that you just need to monitor the audio from your interface so as you hit the pads you hear the new drum sounds.

I've had good luck with the EMU Xmidi 1x1 USB/MIDI cable for my keyboard, for drums I use the m-Audio 2496 though.