This my seem like a silly question but im in the process of purchasing an ESP V-500, Im just not a fan of the inlays, is there anyway I can take off the inlays and possibly get some other kind?

the whole guitar looks perfect its just the dot inlays look really bland

thanks in advance
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To get the inlays redone, would be really, really expensive. And no you can't just take them off unless you want big holes in your fretboard.

There are sticker inlay things you can get off of ebay, but that's always come off as extremely tacky to me...
or just go to esps website, and download their custom orders papaer where they let you change the inlays (along with a bounch of other stuff)
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^ The ESP V-500 is $700. The cheapest custom ESP I've been able to spec on the ESP website is $3500. Kind of a big jump don't you think?
You could go custom but it would cost alot more. Probably too much just to fix a little problem like that.
why don't you buy a guitar with the inlays that you like

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just go local and find a custom shop in ur town and get a guitar built locally will cost like $1000 somin but it will be of equal or greater quality then the ESP. so go local
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