Yay , guitar parts have arrived.

1 sheet of cream white pickguard material

2 plain black humbucker covers

2 strap buttons

loads of crap that I won't even need

So far ,all I have is a rough outline of the pickguard :

The output is placed right at the bottom right courner of the pickguard
If you're wonderin' .
As you see I have really stratocasterised the pickguard shape.
That's 'cause I really hate the roadstar II pickguard shape.

Just look at that ugly ass pickguard.

To be continued...
Theres nothing wrong with the roadstar pickguards , makes it look like an roadstar instead of a simple strat-copy.

Wanna se my Roadstar RS135? Ofcourse you do!

(official photofeets)

Made the pickguard myself, don't want the middle pup 'cuz I never use it

(the guitar wasn't done when the photo was taken)
Empty tankard! Empty Tankard!

Did it have a white pickguard on it like this one ?

I got my roadstar II when they were trowing it out at the school I went to.
It had a black pickguard and 2 humbuckers both with coil split .
Still can't figure out if it came like that stock or if it was modded for some reason.
It's pretty much just like an RS135 though
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Mine had a black pickguard as stock.

Here you can read some about the Roadstar series.

As you can se there were some Roadstar made with a neck-thru construction :O , wonder were I could find one of those?
Empty tankard! Empty Tankard!
After some reading.
It appears that I have a 1985 RS320.

Feels so good to finaly know for sure.
Thx for that link