First off, Yes this is similar to another post. But their is a big enough difference to start a new one.

Im looking for a new pedal for my growing pedalboard to get a low end punch/hi gain, scooped mids rhythm, uber squeally pinches. sound similar to a Engl or a Diezel with Minimal Vintage style fuzz/overdrive.
so please don't suggest tubescreamers or metal muffs.

the only suggestion i have had for this type of sound is a Diezel mod Boss MT-2
Or a MXR Dime distortion. and the M.I. Crunch box(good for V.H.,dont think it will cut it for metal though)

any thoughts on a good pedal would be much apreciated

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The only way I suggest getting those tones is by buying an Engl or Diezel. Other than that, I don't see you getting relativaly close to anything like an Engl or Diezel from your amp.
Look into a Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Mayhem, i read a review about it in a magazine and apparently it feels like its an amp, not a pedal, and it has enough gain for anything.
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Or look into the Damage Control Solid Metal or the Blackstar distortion pedals. I've heard they are pretty good and the clips sound quite nice.
But you won't even get close to Engl or Diezel tone.
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maybe check out one of those new blackstar pedals
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