Hey, I was reading through a thread about a guy's cat (kittie) and someone says the most random thing ever: "that cat looks like hitler" so another pit monkey comes up with a site full of cats that look like hitler while anotherone said:" yep definitly a kitler"

this made me laugh, so here is thread to all of those kitler owners out there, who has a kitler??

(this thread may fail)
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(this thread will fail)

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dude wat the hell this thread must epic fail without exception
just get a reality tv show and then u can make millions being a **** up

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Oh man I'm well and truely on the point of no return then

I believe that was Kensai? Maybe someone else i was there. It was a joke then someone brought up kitlers.
Why is this something to make a thread about, it already happened you dumbass.