I put some heavy gauge strings on my guitar, 0.013-0.056. My problem is that the G string won't bend much more than a half step up. No matter how far I push it, it doesn't go up that far. It isn't a question of a lack of strength, the string just doesn't rise in pitch enough. Is this typical?

Also, when string gauge is increased, will the neck warp immediately, or over a period of time?
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Are the other ones fine?

It's mostly the D and the G that won't bend well. All the others I can easily bend up a full step.
What tuning are you playing in?

I have the same gauges on my guitar, but I play in C-standard or Drop-A#, so I can bend fine. When I try to tune up to D-standard, I start getting problems, though.
Mine is actually in standard tuning currently. Even on the frets where it's usually easy to get 1-1.5 step bends, like 15th-17th, I still can't get the G more than maybe .75 of a step up.
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Are they 'rolling' instead of bending maybe?

I considered that, but I've tried multiple ways of pushing them, and I'm pretty sure that they aren't rolling much. I have a feeling that it may be because my frets are so small. The wire has really been worn down, as my guitar is almost 24 years old.
yeah it may be ur frets see if u can get it refreted (?)
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Yes, I'll look into the frets...

As for my other question, how long does it take the neck to warp? If it does absolutely nothing after a day, does that mean that it's not going to warp from the increased tension?
You're pushing the limits on how tense the string can be. The reason why it's the worst on the D and especially G strings are simply physics; the're more tension on those two strings. The tension is to such a degree that you'll have a real hard time bending past the half-step. You can try pushing harder, I just don't think you're going to get any more out of it.
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It's the standard tuning + the string gauge which makes it hard to bend. I have 12-52 and it's the same thing for me. Is your G string also wired? Well then if you want to bend it a whole step or more you have to tune down a half step or more.

I love to play the main riff off "Are you gonna go my way" by Lenny Kravitz, which is impossible to do with standard tuning on heavy gauge strings. So in the future I'm goin' for 11-49 or maybe heavy gauge with a non wired G string. It isn't cheep to change strings if you use Elixir :P
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