I'll give it a listen when I get home tonight(don't have speakers at work).

I just started recording on my computer too.... Good luck!
I gave it 5 stars in your profile, it's a great tune, nice change at 1:45, sound really interesting with that effect you put on you voice at the same time
all perfectly timed,
it sounds like a high quality recording



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I like the chord progressions and how the vocal melody follows it.

Questions... what did you use to get the drums and strings sounds... Sounds cool. Eventhough it did sound cool, I think it took away from the great beginning to the song. At least it did for me. Maybe shorten the middle part??? Other than that, I like the mood change...

Maybe you can take a listen at mine and let me know what you think? Here is the link... I just remixed it again...

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I use Addictive Drums and garageband's built in instruments for the strings. The middle / transitions definitely need tweaking, I will mess around with shortening the middle, extending the beginning, etc. Thanks for the input!