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I've recently noticed that my eletric guitar (with a Lespaul style bridge) has incredibly low sustain, plugged AND unplugged, so it's not a problem with pickups or the amp or whatever. I'm still not sure what caused this, I changed the strings, without changing the gauge, then the problem occured. I tried raising the string height, and lowering it, nothing seems to fix it. I just feel that the strings aren't "vibrating" enough, specially at higher frets.
Tips ?
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amp's effect your sustain by having a high or low out put to it. Such that a high gain amp will give a greater sustain then opposed to a low gain amp.
don't touch the truss rod if you dont know what your doing

edit: i mixed an s with a t, big deal
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Try raising your action or upping your string gauge a bit first.

edit: I just saw that you already tried this.

When you changed your strings, did you change one at a time? or did you remove all the old ones at once?
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I removed them all at once,
I just noticed that the action at Lower Frets seems lower than the higher frets, I get no buzz at all at the 12th fret, and at higher frets, but at the 1st fret till 3rd or so, I get a weird buzz, Raising the bridge didnt help... Help pl0x

Edit : What difference does it make, if i remove them all at once or one by one ?
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What difference does it make, if i remove them all at once or one by one ?

a lot, you are removing the tension from the neck and body of the guitar, which can make the neck do some weird things. You might just want to take it to a tech and have them look at it.
Ive been looking through some Youtube videos... Apparently removing all strings at once affects the "straightness" of the neck, so it's definetly the Truss Rod where I should be focusing. I heard it can damage the guitar permanently, Im taking it to the tech, worth the 50$