Me and some friends decided to do a cover of the Halo main theme in conjunction with a school project we had (Had to build swords, give 'em a "story"). It's at the end of this video, and starts at around 7:17. I'm the cellist (Yes, I know I did one scratch at the beginning, and was partially flat near the end), though I now know guitar.


The concept was to have a Bass, Electric guitar, and Cello try and sub for the theme, as written by us (Based on the original, non-mjolnir mix version). I know a lot of the theme is missing, but we prepared this in roughly 10 minutes, short of the cello solo, which I've known for years (But usually extended). What I'm wondering is, who thinks this concept works? Oh and yes, the drumming was a bad idea, but I was stuck sitting for half a minute, and it was better'n nothing.
The bass issue was that the amp was pointed at the camera. My cello wasn't amped (I lent my amp to the guitarist), so we had me just sit right by the amp and hope I'd be audible.