I just go a Orange Rockerverb 50 Head and Marshall 1960bx cab. At first I was disappointed cause compared to the combo it was really trebly, but then I took off the wheels and it sounded amazing. Do the wheels impact the tone alot? Do most people play without wheels?
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well, the fact that you have speakers on the ground and in the air changes A LOT. It's kind of like light and day. I play with my wheels on, i just like the sound better.
it probably vibrates easier on wheels, since it has a less solid connection with the ground
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putting an amp on the ground makes it more bassy
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wow, gonna admit, when i first read about the whole, wheel thing i thught, wow, this guys dumb, but now im going to take the caster off my cab and see if i like it
Crank the amp and pllay the hell out of those speakers, new Celestion greenbacks tend to have this ice pick high end that takes about 20-30 hours of play time to get rid of.