This was pretty sweet. I love that it's in standard tuning and not dropped haha. But seriously, this song was really cool. The guitars were great and the drums were amazing! My only complaint is that you seem to have parts playing for too long, such as the acoustic intro. That was the only annoying thing about this song. Great song dude.
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pray for plagues or off the heezay by bring me the horizon both great songs specially when ur at a pit at trhe reall show
i liked it. you've put in some nice tempo changes and stuff like that. i agree that some parts are a bit too long, a bit more variation would be better! but the acoustic intro was not too long, i thought it was exactly right...
the 'go mental'-part did nothing for me, its just the E-string (or D#-string in this case^^), so that is a bit boring...but maybe thats just me
oh and i really liked the rhythm section in the main riff, especially the drums are well done!

so, yeah, being a first attempt, this is really good!
Cheers for the reply lads will take on board what has been said we'd probably end up cutting some stuff that really isnt adding anything bar time and also to reduce cramping in our arms

As it is i think the song clocks at 6:52 which okay is fairly long i have to admit so we discuss getting ride of the "go mental" part ie chuggin away on open E.