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inspired by boredom and the other thread

how do you like your oposite sex privates
Like a ****ing forest.

Not really though.
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Shaved or like a bush.

None of this in between bullshit.
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Like the grim forests of my Northern frostbitten kingdom... I'm so kvlt I fart blastbeats.

But srsly, completely shaved or landing strip.
I want that vag looking as close as it can to a 9 year olds.

I'm joking of course, but I do like them smooth and hair-free.
"Cool... swamp thing"
+1 internets to anybody who knows the reference
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Oh wow this is a guitar forum!
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Karvid is sexy

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Its lame.
I like it to be hairy. I don't know, something about it shaved makes me ill. Not out of control hairy, but hairy.

So it reminds me of my 5 year old cousin.

Damn tasty bitch she is.
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Like a searchbar
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short hair. I don't like it to be completely shaven because then it reminds me of a little kid or something.

I just think a little fluff on the muff is sexy.
Shaved, dont want a mouth full of carpet thank you
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"Cool... swamp thing"
+1 internets to anybody who knows the reference

Woo! Scrubs!

And I prefer shaved.
I don't really care, as long as it's clean and not rain-forest style.
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I wish I had a dick like a black guy instead of my little white dick.

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hair is gross anywhere but eyebrows and the kind ontop of ur skull....
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I like a girls vag to look like a 13 year old scene girls hair.

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So much down syndrome

remember UG Community? thought so.
Hair down there is important, do you want to know why?

**** you, I'm going to tell you anyway.

How else are you supposed to tell if she's legal or not? If there's fluff on the muff, she's old enough. Those words of wisdom could save you from a lot of unnecessary prison time.
I would prefer either neatly shaved or completely shaved,mwomen should not have hair near their genitals, men are currently accepted to be hairy in certain places, women have never been and shouldn't be. But if a chick wanted me to be completely shaven, as long as she was clean too, then I would be cool with it.
But it's harder for men to shave their genitalia . . .. . . . .
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People who are really into shaved are closet pedophiles.

That said, I like it neat or even shaved.

Im not a closet... I openly admit to abusing children.

Sat in a lab, curing diseases. They actually LET me play with chemicals!
Ideally, shaved - but trimmed isn't bad. Basically, I shouldn't have to bring a machete with me to forge a path to penetrate her.
Landing strip to moderate.

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Either a short trim or a shave is ideal.

Though if a girl's going to shave, she ought to do it consistently, because pube stuble against your nose and **** is just weak.
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Opposite sex trimmed. same sex trimmed/shaven preferably.Probably.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
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