Note: I saw a thread not too long ago to talk about issues of these sorts, however I can't seem to find it. If someone can link me, I'll take this there.

We have a sort of 'portal' thing with the college's website (I'm assuming you do too), and we got a message to check the "fall 2008 timetable". It was a 68 page .pdf so I expected it to be 67 pages of rules and 1 page of important things. However, as a scrolled through it I saw in big red letters, "ALL STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO HAVE A GOOD UNDERSTANDING OF THIS BY THEIR REGISTRATION APPOINTMENT". As a scrolled, I read and I slowly realized that about 50 of these pages applied to me. It was information about what courses are available when, and there was a blank time schedule. So I took it upon myself to make up a schedule, but I'm having problems fitting all of my classes in without overlapping, bla bla bla. Basically: I can't get my schedule to work.

I have a registration appointment on the 21st, and classes begin on the 25th. I'm just wondering for those of you who've been through this... do they help me with this? I kind of need to get my schedule to work but I can't.

And on an off note: I have to give my 'disponability' (sp) to work, so that they know when I can work and when I can't. I'm thinking about saying I can work Saturday and Sunday, since I'm assuming I'll be at school from Mon - Fri. If I do get three days off per week, should I say I can work then? I don't want to find myself with a lack of time for school.
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If it's really that complicated, you probably have a student advisor, and if you don't you will. phone/speak to him
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Idk, when i registered for classes, i actually went to the college and did it with an advisor, so i dont know why they expect you to be able to do it by yourself *shrugs*
I can't believe I didn't think of that. I'll call tomorrow when I get back from work.

An advisor will be able to help you out with most of this. There may be a Gen.Ed or two that you'll have to pick based solely on what time it's offered. You'll get the hang of creating your own schedule by the 3rd or 4th semester.

As far as the work schedule goes, I would suggest only taking 1 day off per week (so you would have 3 days of school and 3 days of work). I know for me I was much more productive when I was doing school and work at the same time because I had to prioritize my time each day. But that's just my personal beliefs, so it may be different for everyone.
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Since you're from Quebec, are you talking about Cegep or University?
Can you tell me which school asks for that?

Form there, I can help you. (I'm from Quebec too)
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for scheduling problems, try schedulizer.com and see if your school has its course catalog in it. if it does, find all your classes and it will compile all the possible schedules for you
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I can't believe I didn't think of that. I'll call tomorrow when I get back from work.


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