Maybe it's due to my computer tower, or faulty wiring in my house, or something, but unless I stand facing away from my amp, in the corner of my room, I get a nasty buzz/hum from my pickups on my Epiphone. It makes me not even want to play that guitar. None of my other guitars do it.

The problem is much worse with distortion obviously. I was wondering if the Boss Noise Supressor would fix this
Well the buz comes from the pickups, P90s are noisy as H*LL!
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A noise gate will cut out all that buzz you want if you run it in front of the amp. In the loop it won't do you any good.
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look at an isp decimator for kicks
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The P90s I have in a guitar make very little noise. I used copper shield tape in the control compartment and hooked up a star ground makes a big difference. The metal covers on my pickups may help some to.