I was bored as hell in AP Government today and I thought of a really tight guitar in my head. At first I had it as a Les Paul but could go with a Strat. My idea was to have a H-S-H pickup configuration then having a master volume control, a tone control for the neck humbucker, a tone control for the bridge and middle pickups, like on a strat, then a push-pull pot on one of the three controls. I know this could be all done, but my question comes with this idea: I was wondering if you could have a 3 way toggle switch configured: Neck/Humbuckers Off/Bridge and also a mini toggle switch that could activate the middle single coil. Would that work? I kind of get the idea from the PRS 513, but since I can't afford that I thought of this. Would it work and if it does work, there will be a lot of wires and how would you fit it into a rear kidney control cavity or under a strat pickguard?
i think it would work, but my experience with wiring guitars is somewhat limited. i'm sure there's a way to do it. i'm not sure about the 3 way toggle switch working liek that, though.

there would be a little bit more wires, i don't think a whole lot. you might be able to cram it in a strat pickguard, but you may have to route out a little more. there's still room under a strat guard to route some out.
That wiring can be done (and strats don't have bridge tones, it's for the mid pup). The switch will have to be a strat style 3-way blade switch (not an LP style toggle) and you'll have to ground the middle position. Other that that, it's good.
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