I just finished high school in june.
A film university here in germany that I want to go to requires a three month internship before applying. So, i decided to try my luck in berlin. I got a place two weeks ago and thought I was ready to go! All I had to do was find an apartment. Easy enough, right?


Finding an apartment in Berlin was like pulling teeth without anestasia (**** spelling). Since I live in Kiel, the only way I could view apartments was by travelling the 350 km to Berlin, which costs 75 euros during the week and 35 on the weekend. So, I was searching around for apartments, and found about 6,7 that were doing viewings on the coming saturday. I packed my things, got on the train and travelled to the first apartment. Upon arrival, I was told that the apartment had been given away 10 minutes ago. Oh well, I thought, this happens. Moved on to apartment 2, similar situation. I started to get a little annoyed. Not as annoyed, however, as when I found out that all 6,7 aparments had been given away that very morning, and that nobody had bothered to tell me about it even though i had left my number with the previous tenants or the people doing the viewings.

frustrated and pissed, I traveled back home, wondering what to do. A couple of days later I called a guy with an apartment (brand new ad) and asked if there was any way he could reserve it until I viewed it, saying that I was a student and wasn't from berlin. "sure", he says, "I'll put a star next to your name". I decided to travel there the next day.
So i traveled down to Berlin. I looked at the apartment and then spoke to the property managment. All of a sudden, they security deposit was 700 euros instead of 500, and the property management was demanding a service fee of 350 euros, something that nobody had told me about. the apartment was really nice, though, and in a good area, and i was really desperate for an apartment. so i got my papers together and sent 'em away on that same day. I called the property management and asked them if all was in order, they said they would review my application and the others in the morning. "What others? the current tennant said he would reserve it for me" - "oh yes, he didn't have any viewing after you, these had already come a day before you did" there were 12 OTHER APPLICANTS.

I was annoyed, but thought what the hell, I'll just continue looking just in case.
So I tried looking for new apartments in the newspaper, on the internet the next two days.
I went to real estate agencies, asked if they had anything to offer. I got a long list of telephone numbers of people to contact. half of them didn't work, the other half weren't there and so far NONE of them have answered my messages. anyway, absolutely nothing in my price range. and even if they were, they were gone before I called them.

THANK GOD the property management of the apartment i had viewed called me and said that I could have it. They sent me the contract today and I got home about 3 hours ago from berlin.

For those of you who have their own apartments, was it as difficult for you as it was for me finding them?
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It was incredibly hard for me to find something in my price range. In the end at the last minute I found one, not before much stress for months.

Im still living in it and I couldnt be happier.
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When I went to university last year I had to find an apartment in 3 days. A couple of days of phone calling and possibly finding a few things.... I eventually lucked and got a sweet place right in the centre of the old city for cheap from some family friends who were not using it

though a couple of weeks later I got into the dorms (theres a waiting list...some of my classmates still haven't gotten in yet) and most people called my crazy for moving out.... but dorms are even cheaper and student life is great

edit: for some comparison

here you'd generally be looking at about 150€ per month+services for a room (with a shared kitchen and bathroom)
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I share your pain.

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