Im selling this because i really kind of lost my niche for this type of sound. its really heavy and really fast neck. It is about 6 months old. i bought from guitar center in my town for $700 Im looking to sell it for around $475 OBO because now they sell them for $600

Please email me with info and or offers to ub3r.dork@gmail.com. i will reply within the hour. Just PLEASE DONT MESSAGE ME HERE

PLUS ill even throw in this for $50
Man i wish i was in america.

Such a sweet guitar.... Decent price too...

Bit more expensive over here in the UK.
its probably 20lbs im not 100% sure. i see a lot of people here selling the same guitar here. but not as low as my price!!!! muahahaa! anyways i guess i didnt specify shipping, im sure we could work something out.