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So, I saw this thread about songs to have sex to and it reminded me of a conversation that I had with my friends a few weeks ago about what songs shouldn't be played during sex. I would say either Dude Looks Like A Lady by Aerosmith or A Little Piece Of Heaven by A7X.
I Cum Blood
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My hamster used to bite me when I picked it up, then it got too old and fat to bite and died in a pool of it's own vomit.

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That's the rockstar way to go. I salute him.
Jonas Brothers.
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I Cum Blood

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Haha, owned!
U win fender.

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teacher- Some slave owners would fight duels using their slaves
Me- So, sort of like Pokemon with people..Black man, I choose you!
Chopin's prelude no. 15

Because it's so awesome you'll forget anything else you're doing.
Sweating Bullets-Megadeth
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Death by diamonds and pearls.
Raining blood
In Thirteen Seconds
It's been thirteen seconds
since you all last said
i've become the apparition
You predicted for my death

Other than the lyrics Dude Looks like a Lady is a great song to **** to! It's got the beat man!

Back on topic: Charlotte the Harlot by Iron Maiden. Unless you are actually ploughing a lady of the night. In that case CRANK IT UP. They can't be offended by their own career...
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Raining blood

Huh? Why not? I would.

Wake Up Jeff by the Wiggles.
I think Meshuggah would **** up your timing in bed
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ok so one time i was totally wanking and then my mom walked in and my cat was in my room... she knocked first so i grabbed my cat and put it on my lap and started petting it to cover up but then i jizzed on my cat..
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Moneytalks - AC/DC

come on, come on looooooove me for the money
come on, come on liiisten to the money talk
I think we took too many drugs when we were kids,
'cause now we like to make
Weird Music
-Wayne Coyne
face fisted - Dethklok
only if you dont pay attention to the lyrics. and only the title
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every time I see your username I press F8 out of curiosity then I have to give myself a big ol' facepalm

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What the hell? F8 doesn't do anything interesting This toy is lame

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I can have a beer later, I need to level Charmeleon NOW!
Id bang to i cum blood..............
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Hey! Now you can molest you're grandma and she won't remember! Score!!!

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I was gonna say Anything Goes by Guns N'Roses, but it might work...

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