What model ESP is this guitar?: http://jerseyshore.craigslist.org/msg/794034531.html

The reason I ask, not only from it look cool and having quite nice specs, is because I remember seeing a guitar just like it at my "local" Sam Ash; it was basically the same model, but it was HS setup with a floyd rose, and a single volume knob that acted as a coil tap for the humbucker and stacked single coil in the neck. The headstock though (if i remember correctly, it was a few months ago) was the pointy ESP headstock.

So can anyone help me?
It says on the site, it's a Mirage series.
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If the one you saw in the shop was silver coloured, it could have been a Page Hamilton sig. Thats the only ESP I can think of thats H/S.

EDIT: Although it doesnt have a pointy headstock.
I can read that it says "Mirage Series", but fyi, that's the ESP/LTD M series, i'm interested in a little more info, like the model NUMBER, or ANYTHING more than just Mirage Series.

And no, it was NOT the Page Hamilton sig, it was the SAME COLOR and everything, but with a pointy headstock, HS setup, and a floyd rose.