I need a new half stack to play with my band but I don't want to spend a ton of money. I'm considering the peavey valveking 100 head i thought it had a nice sound. Is this head any good and worth buying?

Also i have no idea what cabinet to buy. i've been told to stay away from peavey cabs so i guess i wont get one of them. can anyone suggest a cab for under 500 bucks that is decent and will work well with this head?
There is a Only Valveking Discussion thread right below you. IbanezPsycho hangs out there a lot and he has a VH100 head. He has clips of it too. I believe he is using a Marshall 1960 cab. I also hear the Avatar cabs are good sounding and affordable.

Why do you need a halfstack?
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Why do you need a halfstack?

Because he's in a band (as stated in his post)
So he possibly gigs

And why not just go with the VK cab?
Just try it out and see if you like it
Maybe the word of mouth is wrong
Again. Why does he need a Half Stack?

I don't think the word of mouth is wrong either. Peavey is not known for making great Cabinets...they use sub par speakers. Same with the VK combo. That's partly why they are cheaper. If people want to put Vintage 30's in then great. My point was simply you CAN gig with a Combo.
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alright thanks guys i think i'll get the valveking 212 instead it will save me money anyways
I think the 212 combo can do small-decent sized gigs without it being mic'd.
Because that thing can get LOUD
Yeah, I think mic'd the 112 would be more than enough. 20lbs lighter, 1 less speaker to swap, $100 cheaper.

The 212, alhough slightly louder, will push more air, has some dampening controls, and has 4, 8, and 16 ohm output selector for a Cab which the 112 is limited to 16.

There are other amps out there too, especially if you can go used.
What stuff do you play?

While the valveking isn't awful, it leaves A LOT to be desired. In alost every case, you can get a better amp for your styles.

I often gig unmiced with a 1x12 30W all tube Orange. No problems being heard with the band (the other guy uses a 50W all tube Laney head with a 4x12 and the bassist a 4x10 300W SS bass amp).
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Keep an eye out for a Traynor YCV50 Blue, that would be worth a try to. As well a classic 30 used would be well in your range.