I'm pretty bored, so here they are in decending order based on number of hits.

      Artist:           Song:                                       Hits:       Type: 
01.   Led Zeppelin      Stairway To Heaven                          [ 6561 ]    Tabs 
02.   Lynyrd Skynyrd    Sweet Home Alabama                          [ 4511 ]    Tabs 
03.   Jason Mraz        Im Yours                                    [ 4465 ]    Chords 
04.   Guns N Roses      Sweet Child O Mine                          [ 4072 ]    Tabs 
05.   Coldplay          Viva La Vida                                [ 3658 ]    Chords 
06.   Metallica         Enter Sandman                               [ 3553 ]    Tabs 
07.   Plain White Ts    Hey There Delilah (ver 2)                   [ 3498 ]    Tabs 
08.   Metallica         One (ver 2)                                 [ 3365 ]    Tabs 
09.   Eric Clapton      Tears In Heaven                             [ 3067 ]    Tabs 
10.   Oasis             Wonderwall (ver 4)                          [ 3001 ]    Tabs 

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but...why the **** is hey there delilah there?
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OH ****. All these songs should be classic rock songs which all boast considerable solos, played on Les Pauls. Nothing else.
okay... whats there to discuss again?
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