when was the last time you played an old game system such as a GB color or a regular GB for that matter? Another convo starter is what is the oldest game system you've ever played and what did you like about it so much??
i have an atari 2600 that i play daily....i just love pong, i cant help it.
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I played my GBA last night, and was playing Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 for the ps1 a few days ago
Pong = Greatest Game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I used to play my NES like everyday until it broke like a week ago....
*sniff* i miss my baby
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I play the original Metal Gear Solid all the time!
And my Sega Mega Drive!!
I'm playing Pokemon Yellow right now.
Recently I've been playing my Gameboy Color everyday. Playing Tetris whilst watching tv. Just shows you how productive my summer holidays have been.
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PS1 aint that old.

It's ten years old now. Thats two console generations ago.
i play gameboy color all the time on my itouch

i have the application..and i have the apps for all the oldschool game things and all the great games too em. they use a lota battery tho but it saves your spot
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Ok funny story. I found my bucket of Legos in my basement so I brought them into my room to build stuff. So naturally I dumped the box onto my floor and out pops my Pokemon Silver. So I've been playing by GB Adv everyday.

It was like a gift from the gods. Finding Pokemon Silver.... In a bucket of Legos.
i used to have an atari, I played NES about a month ago.
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