ok.,so ive decided to be Nikki for halloween, 80's nikki i mean, and i could use a little help. come october im gonna dye my hair..and ive got like these fishnets for my arms, and leather gloves. i really need to get ahold of some tight leather pants, used or whatever, for as low a price as possible, and that like harness thing he wore with all the buckles with studs and whatnot. oh and a shoulder spike. if anybody can help me at all or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.
uh....it's august
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uh....it's august

hes getting a head start. not a bad thing.

EDIT: Oh and search on google for leather pants and whatever else you need.
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You want USED tight leather pants???
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hey alex.. haha. uh checked google, and just tight leather pants.. if theyre used and cheaper i dont care.