So I don't know a whole lot about REPLACING pickups.

I have a Kramer Striker Custom 424 CM in an H-S-H configuration.

I do like the pickups but I wanted something with a little more "mmph", so I want to get a couple Duncan JB SH-4's and a Duncan Hotrails to put in the single coil slot.

Question: Would that work, or do I have to have a single coil in the S position?
One other thing that might help you with my guitar - It's got two pots, one for tone, one for volume, and I can tap coils from the humbucking Quad-rail pickups with the tone knob (the push/pull action).

Thanks!(and sorry if this is a dumb question)
if the hotrails are single-coil size, you can put them in, and it will be fine.
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Do I need to worry about the pots? I can't find any technical information about the stock ones.