I recently replaced my tremolo. I couldn't find any other threads about it, so I started a new one.

To help prospective customizers I have put up some pictures. It's my first post, so be gentle. (;

The reason for replacing my tremolo is that I lost the socket for the whammy bar, the skrew-in type. These are no longer made. which meant I needed a new tremolo if I ever wanted to use it again. This post is meant to prevent you from making some of the mistakes that I did and perhaps to give some tips.

First of all, I bought a new tremolo. An Edge pro II to replace my Floyd Rose patented, for aprox 150,- euro of ebay. There are all sorts of tremolo's. Lots of sites talk about their ifferent features, so look around before you buy something.

Then I readied a workspace with tools and stuff from around the house.

Measure out if it needs extra room and be prepared to start hacking away at it.

Tip! Don't use a file, a cutter is much more effective. After the result of my first attempt I decided to switch tools. |:

A cheap cutter is good enough. Once you get through the paint layer the wood is easy to work with.

It can take a while to cut out enough room so it isn't hitting the sides. *chop, chop, chop...*

It may take several fits to find the amount of space needed. So find a comfortable chair and maybe put some music on. The tremolo needs space to move all the way back and forth.

Also with a different tremolo the springs may hit the rear of the body. So I also cut away some wood to make room here.

Then at some point it fits! Clean off the sawdust and put the strings back on.

Then after some time and patience you can finally fine tune your tremolo! Have fun! (:

I hope you understood everything and if you still have questions feel free to ask!
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