Ok... so I'm not sure if this is already posted as a thread or not but i thought I might write this to see what you think...
I'm sick of the "new" rock that has been coming out during the last decade. The last really good bands that came out were Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Creed, etc that played throughout the 90s mainly, and since then rock has in a way shutdown. The 3 bands that I mentioned will be remembered 50 years for now with famous bands from the earlier decades such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Van Halen ( and many many others ). And as of right now music has turned into The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cirus. And worst yet hip-hop. The only good band i can even think of that is world famous right now would be Coldplay. Rock has turned into a grunge sound that has either really raspy or extremely irritable high pitched vocals. And i absoulutley hate scream-o, there is no talent involved just elementary lyrics that no one can understand anyway along with high gain distortion that makes the guitarists sound bad***.
I also would like to add that these bands cant even play there own songs, check out Dragonforce live, they SUCK horribly. the tempo is way off on most songs and the guitarists skip some of the lead parts the make their own songs easier... what a rip-off.
i know there are other good bands today but i needed to shorten the post
you lost me at Creed...

and we're swimming in good music these days
it's everywhere
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theres plenty of good bands out there right now and im sure a few of them will be remembered down the line we just dont know it yet however i do agree a lot of the music is terrible
I think maybe you should look a bit harder for music. There is good music out there if you are willing to look for it. You can't really expect to turn on the radio and hear a new band playing a masterpiece of a song. Look through sites like Myspace and you will find something you like.
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First off, there are plenty of good bands out right now. Just because there aren't many good mainstream bands doesn't mean there aren't hundreds, no thousands of good modern bands.

Secondly, screamo (not scream-o what the hell?) does involve talent. I bet you don't even know one real screamo band.

Thirdly, this thread has been done a MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILION times and it's getting REEEEEEEEEEEEEALY old.

Lastly, reported.
Check out Shinedown, they're a new band out there that's pretty good I think (my personal fav. album of their's is Us and Them). Then there's the Foo Fighters.
havent gotten into shinedown much but i will admit the foo fighters are a good band
God, I hate threads like this. You're not looking hard enough if you think there's no good music out there today. Yes, you said

"i know there are other good bands today but i needed to shorten the post"

so why even make the thread? Simply don't listen to the radio, or watch MTV or Muchmusic, or whatever you watch.
its not a ticket
for you to pick at
other people
who dont know whats up
like you're so sure you do
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There is so much good music coming out its not even funny.
You just need to listen to better music all around (you listed Creed!)
start looking on the internet and asking friends with good taste
about music thats new. no radio/MTV.
wikipedia and myspace are great tools if you know how to use them.

good bands that are current:
Radiohead, Mastodon, Animal Collective, Les Savy Fav, Arcade Fire
Broken Social Scene, Jay Reatard, My Morning Jacket, Spoon, Hot Chip

but since you didn't say what you like I don't know if you'll like any of them.

there is tons of good music with screaming and they all have talent and not elementary lyrics:
the blood brothers, heavy heavy low low, bring me the horizon, dillinger escape plan

and there is good hip hop you just have to find it like everything else