Today I was playing, and I was fooling around with my distortion pedals, overdrive pedal, and my way. I noticed that Once I had either my Fuzz Face or Big Muff on with my wah, the speaker of my Hot Rod Deluxe would start to buzz. Then when I turned off the fuzz, and wah, the speaker had a loud hum. I put the amp on standby for a minute, then turned it back on, it was gone. Then I noticed that after when I was would use my vox wah with one of my fuzz pedals again, when I push down on the wah, i'd get a horrible feedback. Is there something wrong with my Vox V847? or my Hot Rod Deluxe?
stand farther away from your amp. if that doesn't work check the speaker and your cables.
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Feedback is usually made by the sound from the amp being picked up by the pickups and sent to the amp again over and over, but it sounds like something is weird.

Try all pedals separately one at a time in an own circuit and try out your amp again without any pedals connected.
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stand farther away from your amp. if that doesn't work check the speaker and your cables.

Yea, I do pretty much when I play standing up, I stand right in front of the amp, I think that describes the feedback part. I am aware that standing in front of your amp is not good.
sometimes, when a distortion is placed after a wah, when you go into the toe down position, you get some feedback. some people make mods to combat this. i'm not 100% sure if this was what you were asking, though.
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