I'm lacking in my ability to improvise. I would really like to learn to solo better, but solos sound boring to me without some kind of backing track. I never jam with anyone, because none of my close freinds play instruments, so I never really get a chance to practice soloing. So I want to purchase a loop pedal, or some kind of recording device.

I would absolutely love to get this pedal: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Boss-RC2-Loop-Station-Stomp-Box?sku=487040 but I would really hate to spend so much because I just got a new amp. I have about 250 bucks coming from work, but I need to save alot of it so I have money during the school year (I don't think I will have a job). Are there any cheaper pedals like that one? Or a cheap alternative (Not a computer mic)?