First of all thank you for your help and suggestions .

I'm currently looking for a new amp, but have fallen upon some pretty hard times. I can scrap together $300 at most, and need a new amp (my current Rage 158 isn't working anymore). I would like the price to be as minimal as possible, but realize i get what i pay for . . .

I need a amp that has some loudness to it, but it does not have to be ear splitting loud. However, i am not playing any large shows or anything, but i would like it to not be completely overpowered at a jam session or such. I would prefer a solid state over tube only because they are so much cheaper.

As for the music i play, it is pretty varied. I mostly play Neil Young, Tom petty, and a unhealthy amount of Alice In Chains. I am currently running off of a Squier Tele with new pickups and have a Epiphone Les Paul on the way (gift). As for pedals and such, i have a Boss DS-1, Rocktron Metal Planet, and a Rocktron Time Stopper.

I know i am asking for a lot in such a cheap amp, and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,
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I would think a Fender SuperChamp, Vox Valvetronix, Epi Valve Jr (new Seniors), Blackhearts (new Giant Ant) would work.

PS. Crates are on sale now everywhere. 30 wattr I think is $200.


Crates are all tube and on sale. 200$ for 50watts 150$ for 18 watts i think.
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