... But is there a site, program, or anything that will somehow allow me to have versions of songs with ONLY the vocals in it, no instruments or anything. Just vocals.

Sorry if this is a stupid and unreasonable request, lol. Just a simple "No, there isn't" will be sufficient... if there isn't.

Oh by the way, the reason why it would be useful for me to have just the vocals is because my amp can have an Ipod play through it. All of my bandmates(including me) suck at singing and it would be nice to have some vocals for a change.

Thank you.

No, short of getting the master track to a song there pretty much isn't.
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I give up.

You would have to find acapella versions of the songs you want which I haven't heard of much in the rock genre.

A program couldn't take a song and drop out just the instruments because it is all on one track.