I've been messin around with Primus' Groundhog's Day and am trying to figure out what key it's in. I think its the blues scale in C but its got other stuff thrown in too. I'm kinda confused by it all.
Well it's obviously not going to all be in a blues scale with other notes thrown in there. Just making songs with scales isn't original and I know that Les Claypool is way more original than that
^ ...you really oughta talk in more than isn'ts, nots, and ways. You posted 2 sentences, and I couldn't figure out what you were trying to say, let alone what you said.

It's C major blues with a lead in of Cm blues, atleast based on this tab

although looking at the bass tab, it appears to be the same basic format but it in C#. I'd trust the guitar tab more.
It should be noted the bass does a chromatic run.
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Thanks UtBDan for the info. It is very helpful, I've been kinda rackin my brain trying to figure it out.
Just making songs with scales isn't original

This will be news to every musician in the Western hemisphere.
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