if I'm wiring a guitar, can I combine active and passive pickups?
and also, If I have an active pickup that uses 25k pots and one with 100k, and a passive pickup with 500k pot, would that work, I was just about to order them but then i saw that i they have and or required different k pots.

or can i use a 25 or 100k with the passive?
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if i understood your post correctly, you want to wire a passive and an active humbucker in a single guitar? then, i say no, it's not recommended.
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So you have two actives and one passive?

I believe each pickup would require a seperate pot. If that's the case then you can go ahead and wire it as normal using the low impedence pots for the actives and the higher for passives. However if your pickup selector mixes the two the passives may not function properly.

I think the easiest and safest way would be to install a preamp SUCH AS a EMG PA2 (costs like $20 USD).

It'll let you match the power of the actives with the passives. As well it'll allow you to use the lower impedence pots with the passives. Just remove the switch and leave it inside the electronics cavity.
You can't wire actives and passives in the same circuit. HOWEVER, you can wire the circuits to a switch. Use the pots recomended for the pups and wire the actives in one circuit and the passive in it's own circuit. Send those circuits to a switch's throws and put the output jack on the pole.

(I can draw a diagram if needed, and since I said that, it'll be needed, I'm sure).
Yeah, the actives are in one circuit and the passive in another. Idk if you want tones or if one pup is single coil shaped or w/e so the diagram has 3 humbuckers and 3 volumes and a 5-way switch. Still working on it now, though.