I bought a B.C. Rich Warlock about 6-7 months ago and ive had the same strings on it since. one busted the other day. What exact strings would be best to play with? I play things like: Metallica, BFMV, AILD, Atreyu, Cradle of Filth.

I always use Ernie Balls but that's just my preference. I've used DRs and D'Addarios before and they were both reliable. Some people say DRs are junk, but they're fine strings really.
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I don't know, if you do BFMV and AILD you'll want at least .10s or .11s
i use dunlop strings on all my guitars and they work perfect for me,usually .10,.11 usually thicker becasue i play alot of slayer and other thrash and i tremelo pick alot
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It all comes down to preference. DRs tend to last longer than most though. Everything else is preference.
6-7 months!!

Holy crap.

I change my strings once a week!!
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6-7 months!!

Holy crap.

I change my strings once a week!!

yeah i cant afford that either. i make and sell rock art out of my garage, pays great the problem is advertizing.