Hi guys, we're a brand new alternative 4 piece band from the University of Louisville. We strive to make music as diverse as possible in order to break the mold of hearing the same sound in every song. All recordings, writings, and promotion is homemade.

check us out at www.myspace.com/ulspades

Took a listen to a couple of your songs, and you could do MUCH better in terms of recording process. Sounds kinda pieced together, and you could certainly do with some proper EQing and mixing.

However, technical stuff aside, I'm sure you're more interested in songwriting critique. I particually liked "The Alamo" just because of the subtle build-up in the whole song. However, I felt like there was no 'release' moment for me. It also reminded me very much of Incubus' sound.

On "Like Times Before", I found the drums very distracting. Maybe it was because they were too complicated of a beat, specifically the kicks. Could use some sort of soundscapes or keyboard pad effects on the 'break' areas.

One last thing, I assume you're doing the vocals? If so, I would look into how to EQ vocals, because it WILL make a difference in how you sound. And it's always for the better. Also, the singing sounds a little 'forced' or 'faked' as in, not a true tone. If I were to hear you speak, I'd say "That's how you should sing". I want to hear you 'speak' to me through music, if ya know what I'm saying?

This is just a quick breakdown, and I'm sure I could get really nit-picky, but this is just help from one UGer to another.

P.S- How can you say you're 90s influenced and not even list Oasis! *pfff* Poser...lol
No, that was extremely helpful. Yeah in regards to the alamo, thanks, that's my fav song we do. The ending does need to be more released, with live drums it sound much different there, as we just use an electronic drumset for the recordings.

As for the vocals, that is like, dead on what I hear, that it doesn't sound like me haha, but some like it and some say it sounds a little fake, not really sure what to do about that...well I have an idea. As far as EQ goes we just turn up the treble alot and decrease the bass. I have like too much depth or something for when we record. That makes perfect sense.

Great critique man, any more stuff?
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Believe it Goodbye sounds very catchy. I love the way the guitar and drums blend together. The vocal melody is really fitting as well. I personally like the way your voice sounds - very smooth and groovy track you've got here. Unfortunately, it seems like it just goes on and on without anything really happening. At sometime between 3:20 and 3:30 the guitar and drums sound like they are skipping and it kinda ruined the way things were going.

I love the vocal harmonies in The Alamo. Unfortunately, they are slightly out of tune, so work out that small kink. This song has a nice long build in energy but (as stated above) there is no real release.

After listening to those two tracks and Addicted the only real negative thing I have to mention about your tunes is that they are inconsistent. Some parts sound terrific while others sound sloppy or out of tune, so work on fixing that up and I think the tracks will be a lot stronger.

You have solid songs. They are very catchy. All you guys really need to do is tighten everything up and make everything fit together tightly. Good stuff! If you've got some time take a listen to my acoustic stuff and let me know what you think. http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968
Thanks for the feed back its very very constructive and helpful. Yes I do kind of feel like it goes on and on, I suppose I could cut out something in order for progerssion, and parts are the song are off during that time. I recorded guitar first to a metronome and obviously didn't record as accurately as I thought I did, and then the drummer tried to record to that which just turned out being rather sloppy.

And as for addicted and the other tracks, you're definitly right...they are disconnected. Its because we would record the vocals and parts in sessions instead of trying to do it all in one take and therefore the vocie would be in a different state or we'd for get the mixer and EQ settings (ugh) which we clearly need to not do again.

I will definitly check out your stuff and thank you for your advice.