So i've been doing the 1 knob 0 and other knob whatever else, and I've been thinking, the volume isn'that loud. There should be a way to make the volume louder when playing with my fake kill switch.
My other question is, if I installed a real killswitch like with Soul Power, would it louder than the fake kill switch? Or would I have to same problem?
1 knob 0
1 knob 10

That'll give you full volume -> mute.

Soul Power as far as I know uses the toggle switch and the above stated method. But i'm probably wrong.

Adding a real killswitch won't make you guitar any louder.

I'm just going on videos and what i've seen. I own a guitar with a true killswtich but not one with two volumes.
Oh, and would I have to press hard on the notes I want to play when using the kill switch?
If you want your guitar louder you could re wire it and remove some of the pots - I think it also might work if you just replaced the pots with ones of larger resistance, although I think that can affect your tone.
however (sorry if I sound patronising ) it does sound like you're a little bit kind of confused about what a killswitch is and how it works - all a killswitch does is stop your guitar working when it's on, It just kills the signal.
Lol, sorry. It's just that, when I use the toggle on my les paul, I can barely hear the sound.
Lol, sorry. It's just that, when I use the toggle on my les payl, I can barely hear the sound.