Ok so I got some plain t shirts and was wondering what would be the best wat to put designs or something on them.

O and theyre black BTW.
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homemade stencils + spraypaint = design


or find some white fabric markers.
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There's t-shirt transfers for dark colored shirts. But you need a color printer and if the design isn't rectangular or some other simple shape, there's going to be white around however way you chose to cut it out.
oh make something super offensive on the outside of the shirt and something twice as offensive as the outside on the inside! at my school if your shirt is seen as "offensive" then they make you turn them inside out. but if the inside is worse they just will have to send you home
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Iron on letters in red or white in the craft department at walmart...They're cheap and they work well.
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homemade stencils + spraypaint = design

its what i do.


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If you feel like wasting a toothbrush, you could use it to apply bleach to the shirt in a cool way.

Just take care to rinse the shirt out real well before washing and drying it.
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Quote by UOfan777
homemade stencils + spraypaint = design

its what i do.

How long does the paint usually stay on?

I've thought 'bout making some shirts but I had no idea how.
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