Dad just showed me these and I don't think they have been posted yet. Kinda cool looking, never go flat. Only problem they see is that Police spike strips wont work so criminals will love them.

Discuss. I think they're pretty damn cool looking. Car looks like its floating sort of.

EDIT: I just found a bunch of info on them. here you go guys.

"The Tweel offers a number of benefits beyond being impervious to nails in the road. The tread will last two to three times as long as current radial tires, Michelin says, and when it does wear thin, it can be retreaded."

"For manufacturers, the Tweel offers an opportunity to reduce the number of parts, eliminating most of the 23 components of a typical new tire as well as the costly air-pressure monitors that will soon be required on new vehicles in the United States.

Manufacturers have devoted an increasing amount of attention to tires that allow motorists to continue driving, at a reduced speed, for at least 100 miles, or 160 kilometers after a puncture. Several such designs are available, providing peace of mind for travelers and cutting the need for spare tires. Michelin sells them under the Pax name."

The spokes are made of Polyurethane


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wow, that is very interesting. Those look sick. That was a cool idea.
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They look kinda strange. but it's a definite good idea.
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I was waiting for someone to invent these. Dunno why it took so long.
the cops will get barbed strips that have something that catches on the inside of the wheel well so the tires wont move...

plus they have nets that get caught in the axles...
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^^I agree

Ive seen these someplace else, dunno where.

Depends on how good they perform, but look interesting
If the mileage on them were good enough, and they are proven to be safe, I would use them.
Any report on mileage or safety?
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If the mileage on them were good enough, and they are proven to be safe, I would use them.
Any report on mileage or safety?

I say the milege would mostly depend on the flexibility of the wheel.
If the wheels were more rigid, the car would give better milage. If they were flabby, the mileage would drop.
Just as if the tyres were well inflated, the mileage will improve and the tyres don't have much air, it'll drop.
Oh. Polyurethane; sounds pretty solid. Thanks for the update. I hope these get mass produced.
Those tires look like they would be pretty uncomfortable,although they are a good idea
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Good Idea but they make the car look really stupid.
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Similar to roller skates' tires. I did wonder when/why these would/weren't invented. Be cool if they're mass prouced and safe. Although as has been said I can't see them being great for racing or performance.
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