does anyone know of any programs that can rip a dvd onto your comp?

i tried nemo once, but i wanna know what else there is and if it can be as good as nemo or even better

edit: i meant nero
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Toast. but if you don't have a mac i'm not sure if it works on windows
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try DVD 43 to get past the security, and Handbrake for the actual riping process. I use it, and it can convert them to iPod format too. Its pretty cool. DVD 43 is a program that you download, and it activates itself when necessary, and stays out of your way the rest of the time. pretty smooth.
I use 1 Click DVD Copy. Great little program.
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I use either DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn, essentially the same program (ImgBurn made by the creator of DVD Decrypter I believe) but with other handy features as well.
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I use DVD Decrypter
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