Hey persons

i was just wondering what are the easiest protest the hero songs and avenged seven fold songs :P
omg, i thought you were actually gonna bash protest the hero...wow. I almost had a heart attack.

heretics and killers isn't to hard, neither is blindfolds aside, and bloodmeat's not too bad.

I don't like a7x much, but i know unholy confessions, thats easy, seize the day as well.
Heretics and Killers, and Blindfolds Aside for PTH, and Unholy Confessions, Bat Country and Almost Easy for A7X
for protest probably nautical from kezia and palms read isnt to bad cept for some parts
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It all depends how good you are, anything by protest is going to require some advanced technique (from kezia and on). For a7x mostly anything is easy just the solos might require some work. Whats up with the title btw? I thought you was dissin protest, gona get nasty all up n here O.o jk

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I was about to punch someone for the Protest the Hero insult. You got lucky this time boy!
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for protest probably nautical from kezia and palms read isnt to bad cept for some parts

palms read isn't too bad until you get to the instrumental part at the end. some of those double note parts with the rests in between are bitcccchhhheeesssss
and for some reason i can't get the first fill in the intro, i've never been very fast with open notes. not the D chords, but the 0 -2-3-2-0- kinda thing that goes on there. anyways, look into that song, and if you have any experience with a bit of sweep picking, look into heretics and killlers.
for a7x, its really anything except for the solos, they're pretty easy and not to technical.
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It's not that bad once you get the rythm down. I suggest using all hammer ones for the part you described muse but alternate picking the 6-7-9 part after that
I play a guitar strung with Yngwie's chest hair
its not the easiest, but I think sequoia throne would be SWEET to learn. unfortunately, I suck at tapping .
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I thought you were gonna bash both bands... you disappoint me

hahahah +1
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Bloodmeat isn't too difficult. The Dissentience isn't that bad either
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