Hey guys! I have very reluctantly just had to sell my pride and joy A Cole Clark FL1A So im looking for a replacement fpr a little less money but that sounds great and i will never want to put down!

My bugdet is £450 - £500 and for that im looking to find a solid top electro-acoustic (or acoustic with a decent pickup) that sounds nice unplugged and i can also play in my band.

I'm not really fussed about a cutaway but would prefer a natural looking guitar that hasnt been pieced together souly by a machine in taiwan .

I have been looking at these guitars and would like to know what you guys think or if you have any suggestions!

Maton M225

Norman B20

Taylor 110e

And I'm really taken by my friends Martin D(C - with cutaway)X1RE so im thinking on shelling out a bit more for one of those or another Martin acoustic.

Any info or advice will be much appreciated as I will be using this guitar practically everday for a few years so i wanna get it right
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I'd buy the Maton every time. The necks and tone are great and they are very well put together. Living in Oz I've been able to play most of their models and for the price the M225 is a really nice guitar and the factory is here, not in Asia. Not too many of them in the US so I doubt anyone here has ever seen one in a shop let alone played one. They are about $800 AUS so the UK price is a good buy.
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Cheers, yeah i like the Maton, my friend has the 12-string version and it is very nice!