so i got my Furman pedal board last week and set it up but had to leave for vacation the next day so i didnt have much time to set it up exactly how i want it. i have a couple of questions.

First. As i was setting it up i realized that i was a couple cables short but borrowed some from the other guitarist in my band to fill em in. this would be an ok solution for now BUT the cables i got from him are like 20 footers or so and even with em coiled up they cause quite a mess. i have a couple extra speaker cables that would be the perfect length i just want to know if it would be harmful to any of my stuff if i used those. I have a gig in about a week and need the money id have to spend on more cables for some other stuff (strings, picks, a wireless system...)

Second. I put one of my pedals (MXR CAE Boost) through the fx loop on my amp and im not sure how to plug it into the pedal board so it still goes through the loop. The board has two sets of send/return loop inputs on it and i assume you just put the pedal through those like its the back of the amp. Could someone let me know if im right and if not what i do.