My band is playing out first show in a couple of days and I'm just wondering if there's anything specific we should keep in mind.
uhh, bring extra batteries if you have active pups. drink copious ammounts of liquid courage. yeah that should be it.
have fun, dont take yourselves too seriously
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Just be confident in yourself and your band, and drink lots of water/Gatorade/Vitamin Water/moonshine/whatever it is you drink onstage.
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Just try and show the crowd you love what you are doing, and they will love what you are doing, provided your band doesn't suck.
don't rape any fans o_O
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don't rape any fans o_O

yeah thats at least a second show thing to do right there.

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1. Don't mess up.
2. If you mess up, play it off like you did it on purpose.
3. Don't swing your guitar around. It's your first show. Don't end it by destroying your band mate's face.
4. If you destroy your bandmate's face, don't ask if anyone else can play guitar.
5. No light shows. First gig. If the power goes out on you because of n00bish wiring, no one will come back to see you.
6. Have an acoustic instrument ready, in case the light show destroys your power.
7. Don't forget the words.
8. If you forget the words, don't hum/nah along with the music. Just repeat the last couple words you sang.
9. Don't push the mic out into the crowd. It's your first gig. They don't know the words.
10. Don't destroy your instruments. You're not The Who. Also, you want to play a second show.
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