Ever REALLY listen to the theme song to the show Saved By the Bell? It has amazing bass to it, I'm being serious here. I NEED to figure it out. There are no tabs for it so I'm gonna do it by ear, which will be tough. So have you ever heard something on T.V. (like a commerical or show) with sick bass and tried to play it?
My friend said the end credits of Seseme Street has crazy slap bass in it and of course Seinfeld.
Starting bass or just looking for a new one? Here's a suggestion: Go to your local music store and try some out.
Futurama has a pretty fun bass solo at the start.
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I think in the Dora thread I mentioned how amazing the bass was throughout Oceans 13.
Not particularilly an awesome bassline, but the america's funniest video theme is a sweet ska jam.
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