thats one ugly mo'fuk'a
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better pics. Then we can say yay or nay. Doesn't that thing shed like a mofo though?
It shedded for a while after I first cut it, but it's not so bad now.
I'll put some better pics up tomorrow.
Quote by Wrst_Plyr_Evr
wouldn't the strings become muted by the mo'fukin fur?

Im not sure, I was a little worried about that.
I'll see what happens when I put the strings on. I can always give it a haircut
That's a guitar with fur!
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i hate it

EDIT: jk though it looks kinda badass (yes, i would play it on stage)
I bet it... purrs

get it? get it?

srsly did you skin a cat? 'Cause that would be so punk rock (and I mean punk, not like, nautical stars and girl pants).

Hope it works out with the strings.