My poetry tends to be rather... morbid.
But this is one of the few I have written.
Note: I have not written since last year
Also wasn't sure if I was aloud to post 2 in one. I Gather not. So I didn't.

The day before you died, we had a fight
the last thing I said to you was I hope you die
Now its actually happend, I didn't mean it,
I cant turn back time, and now all i do is cry
I wish I could tell you i loved you, Maybe if I could fly
then we would meet in heaven and i'ld tell you what you ment to me
Deep down inside, i didnt want to fight, but i snapped,
you made me crack

I know how to reach you! So with this knife held to my heart
I plan to meet you, this is the way, I must die!
I make this choice,
with my last voice...
Not meaning to be rude, but you took a tired subject matter and didn't really use any poetic techniques at all to convey what you meant.