as the sun rises, we sit silently beneath this tree
wrapped so serene in the arms of the leaves
coincedently, a branch for every memory
your head rests on my shoulder, as my glance tears apart the distance
why is this morning so poisoned
are we plagued to be over in such an instant?
and as your hand lies
so gently intertwined within mine
it melts the ice of the long forgotten past
yet something strikes me peculiar,...
why the sudden chill?
i can feel it within my soul
the icy coldness of your bones
deep down, i begin to face thoughts
of being completely alone.
stranded in a sea, i don't see your body besides me
lost in time, i slowly lose sight
of the spark that led us into this twilight
beyond the horizon it waits
a deep swelling fear
and as she drifts so far into sleep..
it does not pierce her
the shrill sound of a shattered soul.

in case anybody is wondering, it's about my girlfriend who is moving out of state. :/
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I really liked it man, it was better then mine.


are we plagued to be over in such an instant?

something about that line doesn't fit to me, maybe it's the 'such", like if you put

are we plagued to be over in an instant?

it might sound better,

my favorite line was

as my glance tears apart the distance

That was awesome it brought a picture to me, I could see this guy gazing into the distance, turning his head and he had fire and sorrow in his eyes, and as he turned the sky was ripping open.

I'm not sure if that's what you meant, but everyone intreptrets it differently, thats the great thing

Sorry about your girlfriend though man

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