Hey everyone I live in CA,US and I was just wondering where I could find a used Tiny Terror combo to buy and how much approximately it would be?

none on ebay yet...
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Yeah I was actually thinking of the tiny terror combo or the roland cube 30, but I dunno. I like classic rock and hard rock stuff..maybe a bit a metal. I just want a solid practice amp.. roland cube sounds pretty nice actually, what's the difference between the 30 and the 30x?
one for solely practicing purposes in my college dorm, I'm looking at the mesa dual rectifier head for gigs, once I get enough money anyways.
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Why would you buy one of those? They're gonna be so overpriced...Get a different 15W tube combo, man.

What kind of music do you play? What's your budget?

I'll help you figure out something that's not so retardedly expensive.

Especially in the Americas. Orange are terrible value. There are plenty of top notch amps that will sound just as good.
a small solid state amp, like a cube, is fine.

no need to go crazy trying to OD a tube amp, when you live in a cramped dorm room.
not to mention running the risk of someone spilling a beer on a $500 amp.

if i were you, i'd look into getting a microcube.
it's battery operated, fits in a foot locker, and has a bunch of effects.

you only need 30 watts if you plan on playing with a few guys or light drumming.

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one for solely practicing purposes in my college dorm, I'm looking at the mesa dual rectifier head for gigs, once I get enough money anyways.

Sounds like a bad investment. The Tiny Terror is going to be loud as ****.
I'd also recommend looking into just a Roland Microcube, if you want a small amp for your dorm.

BTW, for classic rock and hard rock, I'd recommend something other than a Mesa Dual Rec for your future purchases.
i used to feel your pain at wanting to find an orange nearby. it used to be that the nearest shop was around 100 miles away, but then a little store by my house made the deal w/ orange and now wil have the full line!!!!!! im pumped.

go to orange's website and check out the store locator. it'll locate a store for you. or go to humbuckermusic.com. they sell orange, and i think alot of them come w/ free shipping.

hope i helped.
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Alright, I've decided on the cube 30/30x then, went to try the microcube today and it's just too small for my tastes. How much should I be looking for if I'm gonna get a good deal for a used 30 and/or 30x combo?
Lol did u steal it from the U.K?


One of the world's most famous British amplifier brands, Orange Amps, has just announced a major theft of a container load of amplifiers from its Borehamwood premises. Used by some of the biggest stars such as Madonna, Led Zeppelin Prince and Kaiser Chiefs, the robbers targeted this prestigious brand to carry out a daring raid on Saturday 16th August.

The one hundred forty one Orange Tiny Terror Combo guitar amps, which have a combined value of over 60,000, were part of the first shipment of the much anticipated amps into the UK. The product was launched at the Frankfurt music exhibition earlier this year, on the back of the award winning acclaimed Tiny Terror amp which has sold over 30,000 units and proven to be one of the most in-demand amps in the world.

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lol wth are you even talking about? how does that have anything to do with my questions? o.o